Send Transactional Emails either with SMTP or HTTP API. Pay only for emails that are not opened.


Pepipost is an innovative cloud-based email delivery infrastructure that meets the transactional email needs of bourgeoning startups and established businesses in less than a second. The result? A secure, scalable inboxing system that both thrives on the unexpected — all the while delivering a consistent 96.7% inboxing rate that places them heads and shoulders above the global average of 84%.

Pepipost's exclusive offer of 100 million free transactional emails for year!

Brief about Pepiposts very disruptive Pricing model for sending transactional emails:

Pepipost is built on the philosophy to encourage good senders and to keep the email eco-system clean.

85% of today's email is Spam and they don't want to add up to that.

They have carried up that philosophy into the pricing model where Pepipost don't charge for the emails which are being opened by the customers. Emails that are clicked, opened or engaged with will always be free.

Industry stats says 35-40% is the average open rate, hence that much of email volumes can be free. There is no limits, More your customer engagement is lesser will be your marketing spends.

For example, if you send 10K transactional emails and the open rate is 90%, then you pay only for the rest 10% i.e. 1K emails that were not opened. 9K emails will be delivered free of cost – without asking for a penny from your pocket.

Very competitive and transparent pricing model with no hidden fees or slabs. You pay for what doesn’t get open. That's it.

Entire pricing model is in your hands.


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What are you doing to measure your open rates accurately? That seems to be important for this model since any mistakes would drive up the cost for the senders.


We track opens using the 1pixel hidden image technology which is the common industry practice.
But, there are times when mail client blocks the auto display of images, in those cases even we consider any link clicks inside the email as "open".

Apart from this client-side tracking mechanism, we have built the robust distributed architecture to handle millions of such open/click events at a time. All this ensures the reliability and accuracy of open rate.

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