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  • LaraH
    LaraH replied to the thread about Mailbox MANAGEMENT.
    I just read your reply, thanks:) But i don't want to delete my account.. I just want to remove from double account. Thanks again your reply.
  • Z
    Dear folk All of a sudden I used IMAP folder from my outlook 2016 I checked gmail web interface everything looks alright comparing to...
  • bburg
    bburg replied to the thread What's new in Hey.
    In the past weeks 5 new features rolled out: You can now collapse long newsletters you don't care to read till the end with the "see...
  • bburg
    bburg replied to the thread Breaking Camp.
    After 3 weeks of silence it looks Basecamp is back on the track.
  • bburg
    bburg replied to the thread email getting truncated.
    You would expect an error message here, something like 'sending mail too large'. It seems more likely that your browser freezes. Could...
  • bburg
    bburg replied to the thread Email Alias vs Extensions.
    Hmm, aliases, identities. Not real clear to me. :rolleyes: What do I need to use if I want an email address of the form <name>
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    How do I create and use a strike through font in Outlook 365?
  • bburg
    bburg replied to the thread how to save email list as csv.
    What email program you are using?
  • bburg
    bburg replied to the thread How do I unblock my iPad.
    What's exactly the message? Is it coming from the Mail app? Give us some more details, please.
  • bburg
    bburg posted the thread Breaking Camp in Hey.
    I am considering not continuing my subscription to Hey. For me it's not only the product that's important, but also the people behind...