1. B

    So confused right now, can't send through VPS now what?

    Hi, To keep the costs as low as possible at the start I host my own websites on a VPS. Got Plesk installed, inside Plesk created a email address for each domain because yeah, in my mind it works like gmail or something, create and email, add it to thunderbird and that will be it. Wrong! :(...
  2. Sachin

    Send Transactional Emails either with SMTP or HTTP API. Pay only for emails that are not opened.

    Pepipost is an innovative cloud-based email delivery infrastructure that meets the transactional email needs of bourgeoning startups and established businesses in less than a second. The result? A secure, scalable inboxing system that both thrives on the unexpected — all the while delivering a...
  3. ychaouche

    Roundcube SMTP authentication problem

    Hi I just installed roundcube. On the installer's testing page, when I try to authenticate as a.chaouche@xxx, I get an authentication failure. When I look at my syslog, I see that instead of receiving a.chaouche@xxx it only receives the mailbox part a.chaouche without the @domain part Mar 29...