email access

  1. D

    Creating New Account With gmx mail

    Hi, I've been trying to create an email account with gmx (which was available for me to have) and was giving my number as the way of receiving an SMS code. The number was not recognized as valid, and after trying a few more times, I opted for the email instead. After inputting my email and...
  2. Sachin

    Send Transactional Emails either with SMTP or HTTP API. Pay only for emails that are not opened.

    Pepipost is an innovative cloud-based email delivery infrastructure that meets the transactional email needs of bourgeoning startups and established businesses in less than a second. The result? A secure, scalable inboxing system that both thrives on the unexpected — all the while delivering a...
  3. C

    Code recovery

    Someone please help me!!!! I've literally been trying to access my yahoo account for hours, Started out as new device sign in,hadda change the password and now I need a recovery code.. Only problem is my yahoo account is the only option I have to send the code and I can't login.. Please help me