New Email

I've been trying to create an email account with gmx (which was available for me to have) and was giving my number as the way of receiving an SMS code. The number was not recognized as valid, and after trying a few more times, I opted for the email instead. After inputting my email and clicking submit, I got this message:

A technical error has occurred. Error Code: 55ae9be9-7689-4bd2-8748-5750a452f813

I waited for a few minutes and tried again. The same message came up. I went on my Android phone to see if it was going to be successful, but it still gave me the same error message. I cleared my browsing history and cookies and performed the same thing again and the message came back.

Any ideas as to why I can't create an email account? I'm suspecting that it was because I had entered my number more than a few times that it is now preventing me from having the email address that I want.

Thanks in advance! :)