1. B

    AOL overrides my Email Sent folder settings

    I use the Thunderbird Email system on a Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) SP1 desktop computer. AT&T (fiber) is my ISP. I use an IMAP mail server and a SMTP outgoing server. When one writes a new message in Thunderbird, a copy of that message is placed in a folder that the user has pre-selected; normally...
  2. ychaouche

    How to keep a local copy of IMAP mail and delete old mail from the server ?

    Hello EQ ! I want to configure thunderbird to automatically remove mail older than 30 days from the server but keep a local copy on my PC. How can I do that ?
  3. J

    IMAP or POP3?

    Hello everyone, My name is Jérémy and I had a big problem with my email account. I had 82.258 emails received and 57.648 not read yet. I was thinking about download all them on Outlook and create some Rules to organize everything, delete the spam and read what I really need to read. I will...
  4. S

    Fetch command response in IMAP in Mail server

    What should be the response format from a mail server for the below IMAP command fired from client [Microsoft Outlook 2007] Microsoft Outlook: hmo8 UID FETCH 1:2 (UID FLAGS RFC822.SIZE BODY.PEEK[HEADER]) I tried many response but getting PARSE ERROR: hr=2148322516 & PARSE ERROR: hr=2148322522...
  5. TheLockedDoor

    Can't open PPOP, but IMAP works fine?

    I just downloaded Thunderbird as my mail client, but when logging in, there were these two option. As far as i could read, PPOP (i think it's called) was more secure than IMAP, but i couldn't login with the mailbox on the computer as they said. Only online. What's wrong?
  6. Sachin

    Send Transactional Emails either with SMTP or HTTP API. Pay only for emails that are not opened.

    Pepipost is an innovative cloud-based email delivery infrastructure that meets the transactional email needs of bourgeoning startups and established businesses in less than a second. The result? A secure, scalable inboxing system that both thrives on the unexpected — all the while delivering a...
  7. G

    Webmail service with image blocking??

    Guys, I am looking for a webmail service that allows blocking of images inside messages. Basically like Gmail or Tutanota do, however for many reasons I do not want to use either Gmail nor Tutanota. I do need IMAP, I do not need encryption. Better if without phone verification but not...
  8. ychaouche

    Roundcube SMTP authentication problem

    Hi I just installed roundcube. On the installer's testing page, when I try to authenticate as a.chaouche@xxx, I get an authentication failure. When I look at my syslog, I see that instead of receiving a.chaouche@xxx it only receives the mailbox part a.chaouche without the @domain part Mar 29...
  9. M IMAP/POP3 No Longer Free

    My IMAP stopped working today. This has happened before when they change the server settings, so I checked the site here for the settings. Now it says, "IMAP is only available to Premium customers." I called their premium customer phone number (found it online), and they confirmed it's only...