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I just downloaded Thunderbird as my mail client, but when logging in, there were these two option.
As far as i could read, PPOP (i think it's called) was more secure than IMAP, but i couldn't login with the mailbox on the computer as they said. Only online.

What's wrong?

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I wouldn't consider POP3 vs IMAP as one is more secure than the other. Generally pop3 is used in settings where you want to download your email from the server, and IMAP leaves the mail and folder on the servers not your computer. If you're concerned about security, a part of the configuration would using the SSL enabled port for the preferred settings, if the email provider supports SSL enabled services. POP3+SSL is port 995 instead of 110, and IMAP+SSL is port 993 instead of 143. Enabling SSL settings for these services helps to protect you from someone/something in the middle between your computer and mail provider servers from reading your email by encrypting over the wire. These settings don't result in the email stored on your computer or mail servers being encrypted.