Any way to contact AOL Postmaster, or get support to open a ticket?


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I am a Verizon customer, and they use AOL for their email. They have started treating mail from USPS Informed Delivery as spam (even created a new "Bulk Mail" folder that it put a few of them in (but not anymore). I mark them as not spam, and they end up back in the spam folder within an hour. I've actually never seen anything like that before.

To make matters worse, there is one spammer who sends a couple of very obvious spam emails a day which are NOT getting flagged as spam, and in fact AOL asks if I want to unsubscribe from the list. I've attached that here

Contacting AOLSupportHelp on Twitter is beyond worthless, they will tell me how to resolve it (such as adding the sender to contacts and marking as not spam) and make excuses when it doesn't work. They refuse to open a ticket to have someone look at it.

Is there any way to contact the AOL Postmaster to discuss these issues or get support to open a ticket?


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