LHTC broadband Email Contact Continues to Go to AOL Junk Folder

Rob A

New Email
For the longest time one of my elderly mother’s contacts has been going directly to the AOL Junk folder. What makes it worse, that folder has never shown up on her synced MS Windows Mail list of available folders. (lol - I wouldn’t want her to see most of what ends up in there, anyway.)

I have absolutely removed ALL mail filters that were set up over the 21 yrs that my mother has had this account. The emails from her friend are addressed only to her and have changing topics that can’t possibly all be triggering the AOL spam firewall. This is the one email out of about 50 contacts that does this. Is there something about lhtot(.)com addresses that don’t agree with AOL?

I even went so far as to create a specific filter rule to send this contact’s domain emails to a folder with the friend’s last name—it seemed to work for a few days, but then they started going back to ‘Junk’ requiring me to take time to fish them out(!) What is going on here? Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.