1. W

    How to archive multiple web mail accounts

    Hello. I have multiple email accounts on different web mail services and I view this mail on multiple computers. I would like to archive the older folders from webmail onto a local machine. a) Is there a way to download the older folders from these web mail services? b) What file format...
  2. B

    Thunderbird AOL send problem

    Anyone else have a problem sending from Thunderbird AOL POP3? Windows7 Message usually sends, but Thunderbird locks up afterward "not responding" and have to kill with task manager.
  3. ychaouche

    How to keep a local copy of IMAP mail and delete old mail from the server ?

    Hello EQ ! I want to configure thunderbird to automatically remove mail older than 30 days from the server but keep a local copy on my PC. How can I do that ?
  4. E

    Inbox disappears in Thunderbird.

    All my inbox emails disappeared from the inbox. I have a POP3 server connection. The emails are still on the server but Thunderbird will not synchronise them. New emails still arrive. What is going on? I do not want to use IMAP. How can I get Thunderbird to re-download them?
  5. L

    Migrate MBOX to WordPress

    Does anyone know of a 3rd party application that can migrate MBOX files to WordPress? I am trying to find a way to export individual mbox files from my Thunderbird RSS feed, then import as posts to Wordpress (WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) file format). Exporting in Thunderbird MBOX files seems...
  6. TheLockedDoor

    Mails are doubled in 'Sent' folder?

    So i wanted to show a sent mail to my mother, and i see that all sent mails are doubled. So fx. an email i would have sent to my mother would be in the 'Sent' folder twice. Is this normal?
  7. TheLockedDoor

    Can't open PPOP, but IMAP works fine?

    I just downloaded Thunderbird as my mail client, but when logging in, there were these two option. As far as i could read, PPOP (i think it's called) was more secure than IMAP, but i couldn't login with the mailbox on the computer as they said. Only online. What's wrong?
  8. J

    Where Should I Move from Thunderbird?

    I am using Thunderbird 39.0 but want to switch from this email application as soon possible. As I have decided to go for MS Outlook because my friend has an instant solution for conversion i.e. Stellar MBOX to PST converter. But, I also need suggestion from experts. Note: Apple Mail is also a...
  9. P

    Thunderbird 45.3.0 stuck in Safe Mode in Windows 7

    Last week I picked up a nasty via a friend of mine. PC dead slow, Thunderbird would not load. I started it in Safe Mode and all was well. (Kaspersky picked up a rogue QuickTime 7 which I removed). However Thunderbird insists on starting in Safe Mode. All my AddOns work but have to be enabled...
  10. Kits47

    Thunderbird Opens With Current Firefox Homepage Displayed In Message Body Panel

    Can anyone explain this to me?
  11. Kits47

    Thunderbird Mail Store On Win 7

    Reading this forum doesn't shed any light on why TBird seems to have 2 copies of its files on my Win 7 systems. The first is in a root directory of the C drive in a folder called !EMAIL and the second is under Users. Can someone shed some light on why and, more importantly, which to move if I...
  12. S

    Hotmail accounts with multi-copy of emails

    I use Thunderbird (for years) and updated to version 38.5 but may not be the main issue but two (2) hotmail accounts now have multi-copies of the original email. One original and three(3) copies. I how have more than 15K extra emails. Plus,, these now 4 copies have had Thunderbird (maybe?)...