Hotmail accounts with multi-copy of emails

I use Thunderbird (for years) and updated to version 38.5 but may not be the main issue but two (2) hotmail accounts now have multi-copies of the original email.

One original and three(3) copies. I how have more than 15K extra emails. Plus,, these now 4 copies have had Thunderbird (maybe?) change the dates when they were received.

Example email date: X-OriginalArrivalTime: 17 May 2013 10:40:22.0517 (UTC) FILETIME=[EEF4D250:01CE52EA]...but this email was received again on: 1/29/2016 Friday 5:48 PM, three(3) times. I have email in the hotmail accounts back to 2003 and even they are now 4 email.

The whole of this, is a mess and half. Could it be a problem with the hotmail server itself? I have one (1) gmail account and found no duplication of emails there.

Thank you for any and all help,


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If you login to do you see the multiple copies of email there? I'm guessing no.

Yes, it's possible for servers to get messed up and/or for email clients to get confused when using POP3.

Are you using POP3 or IMAP?

If you're POP3, I recommend setting up a new account profile in Thunderbird that uses IMAP.

When that is tested and working OK, copy any old email that you want to save from the POP3 to the IMAP profile before removing the POP3 account from your Thunderbird settings.

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