1. B

    Pay with other Cryptocurrencies?

    Hello. I just started my 7-day trial with SCRYPTmail but I'm dissapointed to know that the only cryptocurrency you can spend for a proper subscription is BitCoin. Basically, SCRYPTmail needs to offer other cryptocurrencies to pay with like Ethereum and particularly ZCash and Monero which are...
  2. TheLockedDoor

    Can't open PPOP, but IMAP works fine?

    I just downloaded Thunderbird as my mail client, but when logging in, there were these two option. As far as i could read, PPOP (i think it's called) was more secure than IMAP, but i couldn't login with the mailbox on the computer as they said. Only online. What's wrong?
  3. B

    Will Mailfence automatically upload the public key to a server?

    Hi @Mailfence I suppose that upon signing up Mailfence will make a new pair of keys. Will you automatically upload them to a keyserver without giving the user the option of not doing that? I suppose you know that it may pose a physical safety hazard in case the user some day had to to travel to...
  4. - your privacy environment in 2016

    Dear members of Email Questions, We would like to introduce to you our newly revamped service (which is NOT associated with in any way). We started almost 3 years ago with the idea to create a mail service where privacy is the keystone of our service. Not long after...