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Dear members of Email Questions,

We would like to introduce to you our newly revamped service (which is NOT associated with in any way).

We started almost 3 years ago with the idea to create a mail service where privacy is the keystone of our service. Not long after that Snowden came with his prime time news and for us it was clear. We needed to do something to give people back their privacy.

We are just a bunch of guys with an attitude, but we're geeky enough to think about a solution which could help people in the world to communicate safely with each other.
And that became back in 2013. A privacy community, made by privacy geeks specially for privacy geeks. And with almost 2000 members we are happy to announce that got expended with a lot more features. And although is still there, we have taken as our new "mother" domain.

As a free member you will receive 3MB of email space and the possibility to request a certificate through our Certificate Issuer. You can also import your own free COMODO certificate, so you can mail encrypted with people outside the Safe-Mail system.

The total features of are:

- 3MB free Safe-Mail Address (nl/eu/be)
- 100MB Premium Safe-Mail address (nl/eu/be) *Premium
- S/MIME, SSL and TLS support
- POP3/IMAP/SMTP support *Premium
- Push notifications *Premium
- Synchronization of mail/contacts/appointments and tasks *Premium
- Free certificate support
- Freedom of your own private key (import/export)
- Anti spam/virus and malware protection
- Abuse protection
- Account hacking protection
- XMPP private Safe-Mail environment *BETA
- Smart folders and filters
- Add other POP3 accounts into your Safe-Mail account
- Aliases (nl/eu/be) *Premium
- Free software for Windows/Mac OS X
- Mobile access with phone or tablet
- No ads (yes, even the free one ;))
- As a bonus you also will get some webspace to put some documents/attachments in it

Not all features are enabled in the free account, but we know for sure you will love it. We put our soul and love in our service and are very proud in what we have today. And this all made accessible by our Premium members. We feel that the privacy is coming back into the community and we tried to make it so it can be handled smoothly.

We know that 3MB is not that many, but it will be sufficient enough for normal mail traffic. Also as a free member you have a gap limit (30 seconds) for sending mails. We have to do this to avoid spamming through our (free) system. It will be lowered down when you take a Premium account though.

And yes, we can shout it out that you can get 1GB or more mailbox with us, but we think 100MB is good enough. Why? It pushes people to delete old messages from ten years ago :) in other you really need 1GB?

We hope to see you there. We are willing to give support through this forum if people wants that. Otherwise we have an XMPP support channel located at if you have any technical question.

As of now we are located in the Netherlands, but we are planning to move to Switzerland where the privacy rules are even better. But for that we have to create a company and that costs money. As we do this all for free, this could take some time ;-)

See you at Safe-Mail - Free Encrypted Mail with POP3/IMAP/SMTP support and become part of a community who love to fight for their privacy.
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Email Service Provider
We have extended the service with the following
  • We have implemented a RFP (request for password) feature into the system. After 365 days it asks you to change your password to a strong(er) one.
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Haha, i have never understand why people need that much. But we are going to discuss about it when team comes together.

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Haha, i have never understand why people need that much. But we are going to discuss about it when team comes together.

It seems reasonable. I delete what I don't need, but do save a little. My Gmail of many years is at 0.74 GB (4%) of 17 GB used.

I can see where someone who gets attachments frequently would chew up that space a lot faster.