Will Mailfence automatically upload the public key to a server?


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Hi @Mailfence

I suppose that upon signing up Mailfence will make a new pair of keys. Will you automatically upload them to a keyserver without giving the user the option of not doing that? I suppose you know that it may pose a physical safety hazard in case the user some day had to to travel to certain countries not respectful of human rights and whose concept of rule of law is, let's say, “different” from ours. China and Iran are two of them, but unfortunately there are many more. And the keys in keyservers can not be deleted.


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Hello @Brontosaurio,

We understand your concern, and that's why Mailfence never automatically publish user's public key onto Public Key Servers (PKS) - unless the user has left that option as "checked" while generating a key-pair (or after exporting an externally generated key-pair). Check this "How-to" for more details.

We believe in giving users full control over their email-privacy - with no restrictions !

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Mailfence Team.