Mailfence Alternatives


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Hi @Mailfence

Which email services do you consider as your primary competitors?

Why do you think you are better than those services?

Which features of Mailfence do you think need improvement or still need to be implemented?

Exec summary - Why choose Mailfence?


Dear Popowich,

Mailfence main assets are its very simple and lightweight interface allowing users to send and receive signed and encrypted messages in a very userfriendly way.
Mailfence supports both S/MIME and OpenPGP standards and does not require any plugin, applet,.... All is done through a webinterface.

Another specific characteristic is the fact that users can store their private key on the Mailfence servers. Before storing the key it is encrypted with the users passphrase. This is done in the browser in javascript, therefore the passphrase does not transit via our servers.

Some additional advantages of Mailfence are its efficient customer service and possibility to manage own domainnames.
The encryption service is currently in private beta and public beta is foreseen in a good month.
Beta testers can request an invitation on


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As a follow-up, our public-beta (for E2EE and Digital Signatures) has been released.
A generic overview can also be found in this comparison table of - and for more details, users are more than welcome to post their feedback/suggestions/queries on this thread or drop us an email at (which will duly allow us to further enhance our service).