Hotmail - - Emails disappearing, Hotmail emails Automatically being deleted

I need assistance urgent please and a logical explanation why this is happening.

Can I get these email back?

Under what circumstances would this happen and why?

my inbox mail automatically deleted and moves the deleted folder. If ever i move the mail back to inbox, few days later they will deleted and move to deleted folder again. How do i fix this problem?

thank your.

I have noticed that after a period of time emails are being automatically deleted. If I save them into a sub-folder this does not happen, but if they sit in my main Inbox, they disappear. I have no emails older than July 2018 in my main inbox folder. There are many emails I have not deleted - but they have gone

I have attempted to restore the deleted inbox messages from the deleted folder and some have been retrieved this way. However, the problem remains emails are automatically being deleted. This should not be happening right? I do not have Sweep on - so there is no setting to automatically clean my inbox. Please help. Why is this happening and how can I stop it? How can I recover all my missing emails as well.

Thank you.