How long does Hotmail keep emails?

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The current policy is to keep emails in accounts that have been accessed within the past 365 days

(reference: How long will Hotmail save my old emails?)

If it's been less than 365 days it's possible your account has been hacked:



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So here is my husband had a Hotmail account many many years ago. At the time it was the only account and used frequently. He ended up going to prison for nearly 8 years and upon getting out wasn't able to recall the password and not being very tech savvy wasn't sure how to recover the account after getting the email that said he couldn't provide enough information to validate the account as his. We recently married and I'm a little more tech savvy and I've managed to gain him access into his account but he is struggling to locate old emails from that many years ago. He had pictures of his son that he would like to regain from that account and thus far it is not looking like the account has record of things from that long ago. Is there any way he can recover anything more than his contacts from that account? I realize that policy claims inactivity for a year or more and they auto delete the entire account. Hos account had not been deleted nor did he have to reactivate it, but looking through it it seems the emails from those years are nolonger available. Are they recoverable at all?