AOL overrides my Email Sent folder settings


New Email
I use the Thunderbird Email system on a Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) SP1 desktop computer. AT&T (fiber) is my ISP. I use an IMAP mail server and a SMTP outgoing server.

When one writes a new message in Thunderbird, a copy of that message is placed in a folder that the user has pre-selected; normally the Sent folder. Thunderbird has an option to place Email replies in the folder of the message being replied to. If that option is selected, then NO reply is placed in the Sent folder.

When I use AOL (i.e. Yahoo) as my outgoing server, a reply is always placed in the Sent folder (as well as in the folder of the message being replied to), no matter what settings I choose. If I use a non-AOL (non-Yahoo) outgoing server, then when I reply to an Email, no reply is placed in the Sent folder, which is what I want.

So it appears that AOL/Yahoo is overriding the Thunderbird folder settings, and always places a reply in the Sent folder. I have opened my AOL account, but cannot find any user settings that address this override. I also searched this forum, but I could not find anything that addressed the issue.

Is there a way to delete or change this AOL override, so it will not automatically place a copy in my Sent folder?