I want to know how should I create my account on outlook, IMAP or POP3?

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Hello everyone,

My name is Jérémy and I had a big problem with my email account.
I had 82.258 emails received and 57.648 not read yet.
I was thinking about download all them on Outlook and create some Rules to organize everything, delete the spam and read what I really need to read. I will start to wake up early to start this task.
So I want to know how should I create my acc on the outlook, with normal wat, IMAP or POP3 for that so then Gmail could update my account with all my modifications form the computer.


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Hi Jeremy,

By 'normal way' did you mean by using the webmail? Using POP3 will download from your inbox but not folders. I prefer webmail or IMAP. IMAP comes in handy for some email services when there is too much email for the webmail to handle quickly.

Are you referring to the webmail site, or the outlook desktop client?
Hi Popswich,

So, I usually use Gmail Webmail or on my iPhone.
For a while, I stop used him, and then I got a lot message which I didn't read at all because they were soo many then I just left them.
But now I want to change, and then I remember a few years ago we could use outlook to manage our email account really nice for who know's how to make some Rules in the Outlook Application on my MacOS, so my question is what is the best way to configure my Gmail account in Outlook Application, for after I download all email and create all rules I need it will update automatically on Webmail, so on all displays.

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