1. F

    Exchange or Google Mx

    Good evening folks. I have Microsoft exchange and also google workspace business. I’m not sure which way to go with my email. 1. Point it to exchange 2. Use google mail. A lot of my emails to to peoples spam folder using exchange, gmail not so much. Any guidance would be great . Thank you.
  2. H

    Failed When Attaching A File In Gmail

    Hello friends, I am having a problem that I cant seem to solve it anymore. Actually recently I am having a problem while attaching some kind of files from Gmail. When I try to attach a file in Gmail, it failed everytime. I don't understand why this happens. Its not like I try to attach a big...
  3. G

    Do you know how to contact Gmail postmasters to understand why "421-4.7.28 unsolicited mail originating from your IP address." ?

    Hello, Our SMTP server IP has been temporarily blacklisted several times since 3 days and we are still blacklisted by SMTP servers : 08:44:55.519 5 SMTP-036987( inp: 421-4.7.28 [IP 15] Our system has detected an unusual rate of 08:44:55.519 5 SMTP-036987(
  4. H

    Gmail warning - different from and reply-to address

    I am using a CRM which uses a separate FROM: and REPLY-TO: This was designed by the CRM which we use for our brokerage. Every email which comes in has the GMAIL WARNING attached in a big yellow box... Be careful with this message _________ is...
  5. M

    Auto attach small PDF

    Hi all, hope you are all well I run a small business and the nature of our business means that I need to include T&Cs to my quotes as there are always the classic issues that pop up. I want to be able to send a Terms & Conditions file automatically with every email. Is there a way to do this...
  6. S

    How do I access different gmails from same page?

    I just opened a new gmail address, and since then that is the only one showing. I can't find my original one. I remember some years back, my emails were all listed in upper right corner to enable choosing which I wanted to use. That is no longer there. Can someone please help?
  7. T

    Recovery Gmail password with an unknown mail service

    Hi, I'm trying to recover the password of an another Gmail account I have (I created it about 2 years ago for backuping up some mails and files) and Google is offering me to send a security code to an E-mail address which its domain is like this : sig••••••••••••••.com Does that ring any bell...
  8. J

    IMAP or POP3?

    Hello everyone, My name is Jérémy and I had a big problem with my email account. I had 82.258 emails received and 57.648 not read yet. I was thinking about download all them on Outlook and create some Rules to organize everything, delete the spam and read what I really need to read. I will...
  9. ychaouche

    Emails to yahoo,live, gmail etc. rejected

    Dear EQ, I am running an e-mail server for a specific domain and one of our mailboxes got probably hacked. The mailbox was used to send 7000+ e-mails in bulk, resulting in what seems to be a ban from major email service providers like yahoo, live, gmail, outlook etc. The IP address of my...
  10. I

    Multiple email accounts best practice

    Hi, I am trying to make my life simpler by applying rules to my emails. I have approx 10 email addresses i need to work with ( i am running various freelance businesses all in need of different emails and ability to reply from different emails). First I tried google as i liked the ease of...
  11. R

    next email

    I have 2 Gmail acconts. The main one I use often has the ability that when you read and delete a email it goes to the next one. And so on. as shown here how it is set up in settings. After archiving, deleting, muting, etc. a conversation: Go to the next (newer) conversation Go to the previous...
  12. R

    How told to delete half of emails only

    Example: if I have 10,000 emails and only want to delete 4000 emails between say email 5000 to 6000 how do I do it without select all from the 4000 to 5000 range of emails. I just don't want to have to go to each page and click 50 emails at a time. Another example would be the last 5000 emails...
  13. E

    How to remove Gmail ADs from my popup window ?

    How to remove Gmail ADs from my popup window ?
  14. E

    Does Anyone Know How to Recover Deleted Mails from Trash Folder ?

    Does Anyone Know How to Recover Deleted Mails from Trash Folder ?
  15. M

    Email deliverability questions

    Hello, i got a few questions and would like to have more info on them. any info will be appreciated. 1. How to validate yahoo emails without 3d party services? 2. Does Yahoo use real-time or long-term reputation? How to impact on it? 3. How to impact POP3 and IMAP user reaction on IP and...
  16. B

    Is it anything like "auto snooze" in gmail?

    Hi guys, Is it anything like "auto snooze" in gmail or Inbox? I receive a lot of mails from forums daily, that I want to participate in threads 24 or 36 hours after receiving mails. Is it possible to auto snooze mails from a specific sender in gmail or Inbox that I see it after some hours in my...