How told to delete half of emails only


New Email
Example: if I have 10,000 emails and only want to delete 4000 emails between say email 5000 to 6000 how do I do it without select all from the 4000 to 5000 range of emails.
I just don't want to have to go to each page and click 50 emails at a time.
Another example would be the last 5000 emails.
Just don't want to delete emails or move emails to a folder by doing it a page at a time.

Got to be a global delate method.



IMAP Tools
If you have IMAP access to your account then you can do this:

telnet mailserver 143
1 login username password
2 select INBOX (or whichever folder you want to purge)
3 store 1:X +flags \deleted (where X is the highest number you want to delete, 1:1000 will delete your 1,000 oldest ones)
4 expunge INBOX
5 logout

It may take a long time for the server to remove all the messages you have flagged for deletion

If your IMAP server requires an SSL login then substitute the following for the 'telnet' command (you need to have openSSL installed for this to work).

openssl s_client -connect mailserver:993

If you want to delete the 1,000 most recent messages out of 5,000 (for example) then you would type "store 4000:5000 +flags \deleted"