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I have 2 Gmail acconts. The main one I use often has the ability that when you read and delete a email it goes to the next one. And so on. as shown here how it is set up in settings.

After archiving, deleting, muting, etc. a conversation:
Go to the next (newer) conversation
Go to the previous (older) conversation
Go back to the thread list
You tick the box you want.
In my other email account these settings dont exsist. Why and how do I get them. Reason being over 600 emails need to be sorted and to delete and automaticly open the next one is so useful.
Please advise.


New Email
Hi Rod,

You don't have this settings page in both accounts? Gmail Settings

Are both accounts free Gmail accounts?
Hi Thanks for your help. No I donthave the same setting in both accounts. Yes they are free ones.


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