1. B

    Thunderbird AOL send problem

    Anyone else have a problem sending from Thunderbird AOL POP3? Windows7 Message usually sends, but Thunderbird locks up afterward "not responding" and have to kill with task manager.
  2. J

    IMAP or POP3?

    Hello everyone, My name is Jérémy and I had a big problem with my email account. I had 82.258 emails received and 57.648 not read yet. I was thinking about download all them on Outlook and create some Rules to organize everything, delete the spam and read what I really need to read. I will...
  3. E

    Inbox disappears in Thunderbird.

    All my inbox emails disappeared from the inbox. I have a POP3 server connection. The emails are still on the server but Thunderbird will not synchronise them. New emails still arrive. What is going on? I do not want to use IMAP. How can I get Thunderbird to re-download them?
  4. M

    Mail.com IMAP/POP3 No Longer Free

    My IMAP stopped working today. This has happened before when they change the server settings, so I checked the site here for the settings. Now it says, "IMAP is only available to Premium customers." I called their premium customer phone number (found it online), and they confirmed it's only...