1. J

    Emails queued up and then a long delay before receiving

    I am trying to troubleshoot a situation where it takes several hours to half a day before an email from my customer arrives in my inbox. Let's say my email address is ``. I am using Google Workspace Gmail. My DNS is hosted with GoDaddy and I set up mx records to use...
  2. R

    Vivaldi Mail launches its version 1.0, an alternative to Gmail.

    Today Vivaldi released Vivaldi Mail 1.0, a complete in-browser suite that includes an integrated email manager, calendar and feeds so you can break any kind of algorithm and always find out what matters to you. Now surf the web, exchange emails, subscribe to feeds and manage your daily to-do...
  3. cloudytechi147

    Power Automate: How do I extract multiple elements from email

    TLDR: I want to scrape elements from an email inbox. This inbox, as can be seen, is not Outlook or Gmail. It categorises replies to marketing emails and triggers certain actions based on what words are contained in the message body. I want to use Power Automate to scrape and also used email...
  4. S

    Email forwarding resulting in SPAM and bad headers

    How can I circumvent spam errors when using a mail forwarder? I have a domain which I have configured an email forwarder to forward all emails sent to -> so all my emails land in my Gmail Inbox. I am receiving emails from trusted external sources but they are going...
  5. 3

    Other organizations sending emails as them but using our email mail service to send out the emails

    Is it possible for other organizations(other city email addresses) to send using our domain1 with our Email Mailing Service? This is exactly like spoofing an email, but we want to see if there’s a way to do this without causing the emails to be sent to spam. (See example below) · Do we...
  6. emai10mi

    How To Create Disposable Email Address In Yahoo!

    How To Create Disposable Email Address In Yahoo!? I want to avoid spam :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer:
  7. K

    outlook form to be embedded in email

    Hi, I have a question regarding an outlook form that i have created by clicking on developer in outlook 2016. the Single form has below info such as : accepted rejected signature date This form is to be embedded in email. when i click on new email - developer - choose form - select my...
  8. Alex13

    Email List Verification

    Is it necessary to use a bulk email verification service even if I have deployed real-time email verification in my sign-up forms?
  9. M

    Randomized Spam emails

    So for the past year or so, I have been getting these same emails about a church camp. The sending address is always vastly different, using a different account and domain, so I haven't found a way to block it. Any suggestions? Attached are just 2 of the emails i've gotten. They are always...
  10. L

    Email resend with the same Content

    How can send the same email to many prospects?
  11. S

    attchments not visible, even though i can see paper clip

    Im sending emails with attachments, but the recipients of the emails cannot see the attachments. the emails have paper clips next to them clearly indicating that something is attached to the email. In addition to that, when I check my "sent" folder, i can see the email i sent with the file...
  12. ACRIzona

    Thunderbird needs this feature

    TBird 52.8 You know what we need ??? Follow me along..... I'm sending a trip-report to the boss, with photos taken along the way. Insert Image Choose File tab to Dimensions X Custom Size Width: 40 % of window Height: 40 % of window OK Easy,,, only a zillion snags and traps along...
  13. R

    next email

    I have 2 Gmail acconts. The main one I use often has the ability that when you read and delete a email it goes to the next one. And so on. as shown here how it is set up in settings. After archiving, deleting, muting, etc. a conversation: Go to the next (newer) conversation Go to the previous...
  14. C

    Yahoo email: how make reply to reply to email from disposable email address default to disposable

    If I send an email to someone using a yahoo email 'disposable' (alias) address, and they reply, and I reply to their reply, I'd like to have my 'from' address in my reply default to the original disposable address in the thread, rather than accidentally have my real address put into my reply to...
  15. M

    Move Emails En Masse

    I set up a 2016 folder to contain my Inbox of Emails from last year. When I click the box next to INBOX (above the messages) then click Select Everything in the Inbox, all emails become checked. However, the ribbon containing the Move button goes away so I cannot move the contents en masse. I...
  16. Sachin

    Send Transactional Emails either with SMTP or HTTP API. Pay only for emails that are not opened.

    Pepipost is an innovative cloud-based email delivery infrastructure that meets the transactional email needs of bourgeoning startups and established businesses in less than a second. The result? A secure, scalable inboxing system that both thrives on the unexpected — all the while delivering a...
  17. C

    Email Closes While Composing

    Several weeks ago (Early August) my email windows began closing during Compose. When I press ENTER to advance to a new line, rather than advancing to another line, the email asks me if I want to save my message. The only way I can compose a message is to press SHIFT-ENTER to advance. I...
  18. Y

    Admin or Master Email

    Is it possible to setup an Administrator Email Account, the main purpose of this admin account is to receive all messages from all email accounts, in case one of the employee is on leave. We are using email server from our hosting but it is setup in outlook. Hope you can help me guys. Thanks You
  19. J

    email text syntax looks like html.

    When I compose my emails using Chrome and the standard hotmail browser the text syntax looks like html. For example when I try to copy a URL and paste it into my email I get something that looks like this <a href="http&#58;&#47;&#47;;" target="_blank"...
  20. E

    How to remove Gmail ADs from my popup window ?

    How to remove Gmail ADs from my popup window ?