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I cannot e-mail. I can put my pass word in and that's it. It says I have a launchcurl error 7. How can I fix this?????

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Re: e-mail problem

Hi Lynne,

Who is your email provider (what domain is your email address) and what program do you use to access your email? If it's one of the free web email providers please let us know which one.

:welcome: Welcome to Email Questions! -Raymond


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Re: e-mail problem

I hate Yahoo mail's continual redesign. They've just added a new one
"so I get the good stuff first" - arghh!
How do I opt out of the changes?
Is their anyone at Yahoo who can read English and bothers to read your compliant - or are they all stupid highschool kids?


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Re: e-mail problem

Thank you for pointing out this is more problems with the Yahoo Mail Service.

Here is some more information about the recent Yahoo email problems.

If you want to opt out of the new Yahoo mail you can switch back to Yahoo Classic.


Thanks Raymond,

However this ugly design is in YAHOO MAIL CLASSIC
It used to be that the first page gave you your folders that have new mail messages, so I could choose the inbox or a particular folder that a filter had move a new incoming msg to.

They cut that out so they could put more adds in
and replaced it with "My profile" and "Connections"

I plan to contact the advertisers and tell them if they advertise on Yahoo mail I will never buy or use their product or service.


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..........................same email retrieving problem since 7/14/09.. Yahoo Classic does not work either.. cannot access my mails at all, tried IE, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera.. nothing .. when is yahoo going to fix this mail problem?


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...............HI ............thanks for the kind suggestions.. but I tried all that hours ago.. no luck..

However, found a blog in the Yahoo Mail Blog UK, and Ireland today, dated july 3rd, 2009.. if I wasnt so annoyed :hammer: with Yahoo, I would laugh: I quote : Andrew Yahoo Mail team: "


Entry Filed under: PERFORMANCE
July 3rd, 2009

I want to give a quick heads up that we will be conducting maintenance over the next week that might impact some of you. The maintenance is part of our ongoing efforts to give you the best Mail service possible.
Beginning today, you may experience problems accessing your Yahoo! Mail account. If you are one of the VERY FEW affected, have no fear. It should be available again is as short as 30 minutes. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes you.
As always, please feel free to contact customer care for any concerns or issues. They can be reached via this link:
Thanks for your patience.
Andrew - Yahoo! Mail Team

how quaint.. takes them several days (weeks) to do what they promised to do in 30mins.

( ....of course I wrote to them.. so far no reply whatsoever..)

And dear Andrew also suggested that its probably a conflict between Symantec products and Yahoo Mail.. again I quote Andrew:

Conflict with Symantec products causing slowness
June 18th, 2009

I understand that some Yahoo! Mail users may be experiencing some slowness with Yahoo Mail recently. The issue is occurring due to a conflict between Yahoo! Mail and various Symantec (Norton) products including anti-virus/security software. Our engineering team has isolated the issue and is rolling out a fix as I write this blog entry.
In the meantime, if you are currently experiencing an issue with slowness, and have Symantec (Norton) products installed I can suggest disabling your Symantec software while you access Yahoo! Mail to resolve the issue. (Of course, I would not suggest permanently disabling your Symantec software, just do so while checking mail.) If you have to download any e-mail attachments, you can be safe in the knowledge that Yahoo! Mail scans attachments for any viruses before downloading.
The fix is rolling out now and will reach all of our users over the next couple of days.
Andrew – Yahoo Mail Team.

Needless to say I am not using Symantec (Norton) software products..

So far I have 60 emails in a mail account that I havent been able to access since Tuesday.

Oh what fun it is to .... have a yahoo mail account ...:mad::hammer:
bachflower xx


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Re: e-mail problem

tried everything possible.. different laptops, different OS.. different browers.. still cannot get into my yahoo emails... any help?

One time when I couldn't get into my Yahoo email account (for several days) it was a virus. I had visited a website that plays old Simpson episodes. I loosen the security to post a comment and wham. I tried everything to get rid of it.

Eventually I loaded a new copy of XP.

How? you might ask - as XP doesn't let you load a new copy. I had messed around with the registry so much that my system wouldn't boot from the installed version of XP - THEN it let me install a new copy of XP.

Of course the correct way is to backup all your data and reformat the drive and then put on the new copy.

Good luck.

BTW you could try going to a library or a friend's machine to see if you can log on there.