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For the past two weeks I have had an accessibility issue into my yahoo email account. I can log into “My Yahoo” account with no problems. Then when I click on the mail tab I am redirected to one of the log-in screens. When I enter my pass again it just reloads the log-in screen with no error or invalid pass. The best way to describe it is like a page being refreshed.
So I thought that it could be a cookie error or a browser configuration so I cleaned out my cookies and browsing history and restored defaults. No help. I tried my husbands yahoo email account thinking it may be an entire yahoo problem. His account came right up and I was able to access his email with no problems or re-entering the pass. Still thinking it was something I was doing wrong, I called my son who lives in another state and asked him to access my email. He had the same problem with my account. I then asked him to try his account… it came right up no questions asked. He asked if he could try again on his office computer since we were both using Mac (Mine an Imac and his a Macbook both with 10.5.8) and his office computer was a Dell. Same problem when he tried my account on his office computer.
Since my email account had now been tried on three different machines on two different networks and providers, I began submitting help tickets to yahoo. I have placed 3 service tickets to yahoo help. Only one of those came back with a response that was an actual attempt to help and asked to respond to the ticket. When I did respond I received a different tech and obviously from the answers he did not read the entire email. I have been able to access the account a couple of times but then I am shut out again. When I was able to access the account, it was never through the same log-in site.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks to all who respond.


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I have been having exactly the same problem for about a week. I get the automated responses from Yahoo advising that the problem is related to cookies or firewalls or browser issues and had checked all these off myself. I've also been through the list provided here to no avail.
Finally I received a manual response from Yahoo that simply ignored me telling them that these were not the problem and continued to recite the cookie/firewall/browser response.
I've tried accessing my Yahoo mail from 5 different computers, at 5 different locations and using three different browsers. In each case I can access Yahoo but when trying to access my mail I am continuously recycled to the sign in page. For it to be caused by the things mentioned above then all five computers at all five locations must have succumbed to exactly the same problem at exactly the same time.
So far I have not found a solution and am hoping that someone at Yahoo will actually read the latest reply I've sent to their responses in full before once again spouting the same answers that do not solve the problem.
I know this doesn't give you an answer, but strangely I do feel a bit better knowing that I am not the only one with this problem.

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Often times there are software conflicts that can happen between computers and Yahoo that can be resolved.

Which virus scanner do you use? Does it filter web pages?

How high are your security settings? Are you blocking cookies from Yahoo?

Try some of the alternate login pages at the link above.

Have you tried using a different web browser? IE vs Firefox vs Chrome ?

It might be easier for you to list everything you have tried so I can come up with some more suggestions for you.

Their support won't add it to their answer, but yes, sometimes there are goofy problems that happen with Yahoo accounts that take some time to resolve themselves such as hidden emails (wrong inbox count) etc.

Can both of you list what software is on your computer?

Hopefully we'll be able to find a common software that can be fixed.

Is all of your software up to date? A Secunia PSI scan sometimes helps.
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I'm currently running on an iMac OSX 10.6.4 Snow Leopard.
The only recent addition to the system was the upgrade to Snow Leopard about four months ago.
All software is updated regularly.
Currently do not have a virus scanner loaded.
Enabled to accept cookies and firewall is not on.

I have tried everything in the list you provided except using Open DNS.
Prior to that I had cleared cookies and history, used different computers (at different locations) and browsers. Ensured that all software was up to date. Tried PCs using IE as well. On this machine I am using Safari and Firefox.

Besides the standard Apple software I also have Skype, MS Office for Mac 2008, Photoshop Elements 3, and Silverfast which came with my Epson Scanner.
All of these have been on the system for over 12 months with no issues.


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I would first like to apologize for not responding earlier to any of your messages. I have been out of pocket for the past month with work related items. The problem with my Yahoo mail account is exactly like you mentioned and not contained to one single computer. Other Yahoo mail accounts will work on my machine as well. I am able to login every so many days and then I am kicked out again with the same symptoms I mentioned if the first post. This happens regardless of the machine type (PC or Mac) and location. I have already set up a Gmail account and have been working with it but if my yahoo account would get fixed, I would go back to using it. Mjeakin, I have been unsuccessful like you in getting anyone from Yahoo to actually read what is being sent to them. I have not responded to their survey because they did not fix the problem. Good luck to the both of us getting this issue resolved.
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So sorry to hear that you are still having problems. Around about the 10th of August I think someone almost sane finally read my messages. I say almost because in the reply they asked me several specific questions, the answers to which I simply cut and paste from my very first request for help from them. The good news however, is that it seems this person took ownership of the problem and the next response I received came from the same person saying the problem had been escalated to the Yahoo Engineers.
About ten days later (they had promised 3 - 5 days) I was able to again access my Yahoo email no problem and to date it has been running fine. No one has ever given any indication of what the problem was or how it was eventually fixed, but every time I sit at my computer I hold my breath a little as I log into Yahoo.
I too have opened a gmail account (I had to in order to communicate with Yahoo) and have copied all important addresses and connections across to there just in case.
As far as the survey they send out, they sent that to me while I couldn't access my Yahoo mail, to my Yahoo mail. By the time I could access it and tried to give them some feedback the survey was no longer able to be accessed. I guess that is one way to avoid getting information that says they are not doing a very good job of communicating.
I am happy to say that on my end everything seems to have finally been resolved. I wish I could tell you how. Keep persisting, maybe you will be lucky enough to encounter the almost sane customer service person I finally found.