HTTP Status 500 Apache Tomcat error


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Hoping someone can help.

I've an AOL account - had it for years with no problem.
Last week I started getting a HTTP Status 500 - Apache Tomcat error message, after I've typed in my username\password to access email.
I've read what Apache Tomcat is, but never had heard of it before.

The weird thing is...

I've tried it on:
4 machines
2 OSs - IE and Chrome
2 different networks

Any thoughts, please?


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New Email
Hi popowich - thanks for the reply.

I've tried using 4 laptops, 3 of which regularly used to work for me. One is my work laptop which is fully updated with AV, Flash, Windows Updates etc.
I cannot find another AOL site to log in on (as Yahoo has the international login page).
I've tried another web browser - Chrome - and cleared all cache/cookies - to no avail.
I don't know what the OpenDNS Servers thing is, as the link showing how to change them is broken.

It all worked a week ago. I'm sat opposite a colleague now and I cannot access it on his laptop. Something appears to have gone wrong with my account.