How to test email newsletters to Godaddy - 5.2.0

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I have a question regarding the GoDaddy block issue that seemed to resolve itself in

I had 3 clients who were significantly impacted by the GD block. I stopped sending after the third was affected.

In all 3 cases, GoDaddy blocked a significant number of e-mail addresses and bounced them back to us as Spam.

You seem to think the problem was probably due to GoDaddy's "reputation system that was triggering for a couple days".

I remove all client bounces from their DB's before the next mail out and have been in the process of doing that. My next mail out is scheduled to begin Tuesday Dec. 2nd.

My question is this: Should I remove the "spam bounces" I got from GoDaddy for those 3 clients or do you think it would be ok to leave them in since whatever happened fixed itself?


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Do you have any domains registered with Godaddy? Godaddy offers a free email account and some forwards with domain registrations.

A first step could be to maintain a few test accounts within Godaddy and send them drafts of the planned newsletters in the days before the scheduled newsletters.

That list could be the start of a test list that is expanded to include an account or two within other popular email services such as Gmail, Yahoo,, and popular scrubbing services such as Postini.

Remove any email addresses from lists that bounce as "user unknown" or "unknown recipient" flavored errors.

You do not need to remove good email addresses that bounced recently due to the spam content blocks at Godaddy.

If you have the tracking, it's also good to remove inactive email addresses that are not opening the emails & clicking links.