How to switch between the basic and full featured versions of Yahoo Mail


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The new Yahoo Mail has both a basic and full featured version.

To switch from Full Featured back to Basic Mail go to your Settings, click Viewing Email, select Basic, and Save:

Yahoo Basic Mail.JPG

To switch from basic to full featured click the "Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail" link:

switch new yahoo.JPG

To go from the full featured back to the basic version go to your Mail Options and select Basic:

Switch between basic and full featured Yahoo Mail.JPG

It is also possible to change your option by clearing your browser cache and deleting your cookies, then restarting your web browser.

The next time you go to Yahoo Mail you should get prompted and asked which version you want to use.

Looking for the old Yahoo Classic? Try the Canadian login to Yahoo:


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If you do not have access to the Full Featured version Yahoo Mail it may be due to one of these reasons:

  • You are under 13 years old
  • You are using a dialup connection to the internet
  • Javascript is disabled in your web browser
  • Your screen resolution is too small


New Email
I do not have the "Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail" link on my Yahoo mail page.
I don't want to delete all my cookies.
Do I have any other option ?