How to quickly switch between Gmail user accounts

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Do you have multiple Gmail personalities?

Perhaps you have both a personal and business email address hosted by Google?

Try this script : Google Account Multi-Login for Greasemonkey

It allows you to quickly change between your Gmail accounts.

After installing you will have a new dropdown box in the top right of your Gmail account :

Gmail Switch User.JPG

If you don't have it already you need GreaseMonkey before you can install userscript addons.

Big Dan

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POP3 is a good idea but there's still the issue of logging in every so often to keep the account active. I'm not sure if POP3 counts as a login :confused:? I mostly just have a couple browsers running for switching between multiple gmail accounts.

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Yeah, but I'm getting tired of having primary Firefox, secondary logins Chrome, and other peoples stuff in IE.

It would be really cool if web browsers had a separation of cookies capability.

Multiple tab bars where each line of tabs had it's of set of cookies. :yay: