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John B

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Hello. I am tasked with switching our company email to gmail. Do you have any suggestions? I found this forum while researching and had found a page with a page with a checklist.


EQ Admin

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Hi John,

This page has more information and a coupon code for Google Apps - Google Apps Coupon Code

Are you migrating from an exchange environment? Another email service? Why did you choose Google over Office 365?

Is this the discussion that you found earlier? Mail Server Migration Stories

There are lots of components to a migration, including but not limited to:
  • Migrating existing email and address books from the old to new platform
  • Process for migrating existing settings or updating email client settings when needed
  • DNS including server names, MX records, SPF & DKIM records, etc.
  • Are there any special feature requirements? Have you verified they're supported on the target platform?
  • Getting and accounts and passwords created. Don't forget email aliases and forwards.
  • Message rules
  • Are there important white and black lists that need to be maintained?
Please let us know if you have any specific questions, and please feel free to add to the story thread after your migration.