How to switch from Yahoo non-SSL ports 110 POP3 and 143 IMAP to 995 POP3+SSL and 993 IMAP+SSL


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Do you use Mozilla Thunderbird to read your Yahoo Mail?

If you are currently using non-SSL ports for POP3 (110) or IMAP (143) your settings must be updated to use the SSL ports POP3+SSL (995) and IMAP+SSL (993)

Yahoo is disabling the non-SSL versions of their services!

You must use port 995 + SSL for Yahoo POP3 access.
You must use port 993 + SSL for Yahoo IMAP access.

To change your Thunderbird from non-SSL to SSL ports please follow these directions:

First, open Thunderbird, right click on your Yahoo account, and click Settings:

Thunderbird Yahoo Settings.JPG

Under your Yahoo account name click Server Settings.

If using IMAP change the port number to 993 and change the connection security to SSL/TLS:

Yahoo Thunderbird IMAP SSL Server Settings.JPG

If you are using POP3 the port number should be 995, and make the same SSL setting change.

You do not need to change your username, password, incoming mail server, or outgoing mail server settings when updating your incoming mail server port and SSL options.