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When if i delete my second yahoo account on master account, is that second account completely deleted?
Because, screenshot show that it can be deleted account..
Please answer, Thanks.



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AND Please let me know who is sure about this situation, because my screenshot show that it can be deleted account.. Thanks


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No response, and i have tried for one year to get any sort of response out of "Yahoo Support", without success.


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There is the following warning in the Yahoo Help site:

It's no longer possible to create an extra email address. If you delete your existing extra email address, you won't be able to create another one.

The extra mailbox appears to be different functionality than add an email alias.

(src: Send messages from or delete an extra email address | Yahoo Help - SLN15953)

The help pages also state a new mailbox can't be associated. The delete process within Yahoo is not instant.

My best guess is to delete the mailbox and then try to login to that second address you're trying to delete from a different web browser. If that is successful, execute the standard process for Deleting a Yahoo account:

This is the best info I have. Sorry if it's not a certain answer, but hope it helps!


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I just read your reply, thanks:) But i don't want to delete my account.. I just want to remove from double account. Thanks again your reply.

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