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I've recently had my computer rebuilt and have imported all my emails back into Outlook.
I have several problems relating to the location of emails. Can someone help me please?
1)I suddenly have two sets of archive folders. I can see that one appears to have been created automatically and the other is my backup that I've imported. Tried to delete one, but Outlook won't function without it. Would like to rationalise to one set if possible...
2)I have a capacity problem with one account which is IMAP. That seems to mean I can't delete things from the server. Would it be a good idea to make a new personal folder and store things locally or does archiving help reduce the quota? How are people generally managing the quantity of emails problem?
3)Finally, my sent mails are all appearing in the same sent box, irrespective of account. I'd like them to file according to account. Is that possible?


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It sounds like you now have a mix of PST data files and accounts, and at least some of your email & contacts are duplicated between them.

It should be possible to fix this for you but it's very tough to get done correctly with free forum posts.

Fixing these types problems with Microsoft Outlook can be handled with our Live Support.

We can remote login to your computer and you can watch as we fix your Microsoft Outlook and ask a few questions to make sure we get it right.

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Thank you for your reply. I'd like to fix it myself, ideally, hence forum option.
I have got
archive (modified today)
outlook (modified today)
personal folders (modified on the day I imported data)
business account 2 (modified on the day I imported data)

These are both stored in documents/my documents/outlook

Then I have

archive (modified today)
outlook (modified today)

These are both stored in documents/outlook

The 'my documents' folder within documents was where I imported the contents of my pre-clean up computer - ie the backup.

Many thanks for bearing with me.


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OK, no problem, but this might take a while :)

First, here is how to make screen shots and attach them to your replies as needed.

What do you have for Data Files?

In the top left of your Microsoft Outlook click File, then click into the Account Settings:

Account Settings.jpg

Once you are in the Account Settings click the tab for Data Files:

Microsoft Outlook Data File.jpg

If there are multiple data files, make a note of their locations, then try removing them one at a time to see what disappears from your Microsoft Outlook.

If something that you need disappears you can add that data file back into your settings.

Does working with the data files start to fix any of the problem?

If you are over your quota and have too much email on your email providers servers you may want to move some of it to local folders in your Microsoft Outlook.


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Hi there
Thanks for your reply.
The data files are the ones I listed in my previous post:
Two lots of archives (which when I delete one affects the performance of Outlook)
My two business accounts (calling them business1 and business2 for short)
My default - just called Outlook but contains personal inmail and now seems to contain sent mail from other accounts
And my personal folders where I stick email from different accounts to stop running over quota

I think also that when I remove one of the archive pst folders it still appears in my folder list in Outlook...
Many thanks


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How can I set where outlook 'looks' for a folder. I have two archive folder sets, how can I make it 'see' the correct one?


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Just posted an update to the above. I seemed to have lost a whole lot of sent mail that for reasons best known to itself it had archived from my sent box.
I had deleted and replaced the archive folder and upon doing so, both archive folders suddenly contained the same emails. All the sent email previously archived had gone. However, ten minutes later, it's all back in the archive again.
Not a clue what's happening.
I'm going to find out how to archive things to personal folders instead of archive....