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Seven years after we started out with, we are now introducing a new set of price plans. By doing so, we are creating a simpler and more flexible pricing system that is easier to manage, and that also reflects many ideas and feedback received from our active user base.

This offer in connection with the new plans is of special interest:

50% introductory discount for existing customers​

Any existing customers switching plans by 31 May 2021 get a one-time special offer from us: Choose either the STANDARD plan or the PREMIUM plan and receive 24 months for the price of 12 months!

In effect, this means those who decide to switch early will receive a 50% discount on their monthly fee over the next two years – which will lower the monthly amount expended for the STANDARD plan to € 1.50 a month, and for the PREMIUM plan to € 4.50 a month over two years.