Help. Google say my address is no longer available


New Email
Hi - I wanted to contact google because when I tried to use chrome on my iPad there was a scam message supposedly from Apple re a draw for an Apple iphone7. I can't get rid of it and it's blocking my access to using the internet although I can use safari. I don't know what happened when I tried log into my google account but I got a message saying my blueyonder email address was no longer available because an organization had reserved it. (I am 100% sure I didn't to say I was an organization.) They now have my email address as one ending in I created a password for that one so I could log on and do chat to resolve the issues but get the same message. I have looked online for a UK contact number but there seem to be numerous ones. I rang one and got through to a call centre in India. When I explained my original issue of the scam message I was told someone was trying to take control of my computer and that if I followed her instructions she would take control and correct the problem. I ended the call there and then and now see there are third party companies that offer gmail support so maybe I was right to be suspicious. Can anyone give me a telephone number in the uk that I can rely on being genuine and trustworthy. Thanks