How to add Yahoo mailbox to Yahoo mail?


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I want to add a Yahoo Mail mailbox to my "Mailbox List".

I was able to do this at one point, quite some time ago (resulting in a single additional Yahoo Mail mailbox being added to my "Mailbox List"), but I can't remember how, and now cannot find a way.

I log into Yahoo Mail (on the web... Yahoo Mail), and from my email interface I click on "Settings>More Settings>Mailboxes", like all the help articles on the web instruct. Clicking on "Add Mailbox" results in the attached screenshot.

Yahoo Add Mailbox.png

Note that "Yahoo" is not among the options I am offered when I try to "Add Mailbox" (nor do I see the other email service providers I have seen in screenshots of this process elsewhere on the web).

The mailbox I successfully added before was a sub-account of my main Yahoo account (both my main account and the successfully added sub-account are present in the screenshot, top-center, under "Mailbox List (2 of 50 used)"... blurred out for "security"). The mailbox I would like to add now (but apparently cannot) is also a sub-account of my main Yahoo account.

  • Clicking on "Other" under "Add Mailbox" directs me to use the Yahoo Mail app for iOS or Android to perform the function.
  • I have tried using the Yahoo Mail Android app to do this, without success. I can add a Yahoo Mail mailbox to the Android app, but this has no effect on my Yahoo Mail "Web" access, or the "Mailbox List" configured and available there.
  • I have looked for options that might affect this under my various ATT/Yahoo Mail sub-accounts. More generally have looked for options for "Link Accounts" under my ATT account options, all without success. Nothing relevant seems to be available.
  • I have tried switching back to "basic" Yahoo Mail. The options menus are the same, Yahoo remains unavailable under "Add Mailbox".
  • I have searched the web for workarounds, without success. All the help articles I can find proceed on the premise that "Yahoo" will be one of the email providers I can select when I click on "Add Mailbox". (If it were, I expect I would not be posting here.)
  • I have NO IDEA why Yahoo is not available for selection under "Add Mailbox".

I came into Yahoo Mail from another service provider, which Yahoo acquired some 20 years ago. Has this resulted in some glitch in my ATT and/or Yahoo Mail service, or is there some more featureful form of ATT/Yahoo Mail that I need to sign up for, before I can add any more Yahoo Mail sub-accounts to my "Mailbox List"?

Any suggestions welcome. If you can refer me to some form of Yahoo Customer Support that would be able to actually help me (not lead me in circles indefinitely through repetitive and irrelevant help articles, and/or never respond usefully, etc), please feel free.



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No response, and I have tried for weeks to get any sort of response out of "Yahoo Support", without success. I must conclude that Yahoo Mail (and indeed the entire ATT suite of tools/services) is no longer supported. I will be migrating to a different service provider.