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    Navigating AOL mail using only a keyboard

    Hi folks, Troubleshooting an HP 8200 Elite USFF. Mouse is not functioning. Need to email screen shots to support. How does one attach a file to an email using only a keyboard? Thanks much, Fergie
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    How to add Yahoo mailbox to Yahoo mail?

    I want to add a Yahoo Mail mailbox to my "Mailbox List". I was able to do this at one point, quite some time ago (resulting in a single additional Yahoo Mail mailbox being added to my "Mailbox List"), but I can't remember how, and now cannot find a way. I log into Yahoo Mail (on the web...
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    How do I recover my Bulk Mail folder?

    I've just started using AOL and I tried to set up a Spam/Junk folder. For some reason best know to AOL, it calls this folder Bulk Mail. Having set it up, I discovered there was mail in it that shouldn't have been junk. Then, through my desktop email client - I use Mozilla Thunderbird - I...
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    Fetch command response in IMAP in Mail server

    What should be the response format from a mail server for the below IMAP command fired from client [Microsoft Outlook 2007] Microsoft Outlook: hmo8 UID FETCH 1:2 (UID FLAGS RFC822.SIZE BODY.PEEK[HEADER]) I tried many response but getting PARSE ERROR: hr=2148322516 & PARSE ERROR: hr=2148322522...
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    Multiple Mail Services

    I need some guidance in what I'm trying to do. I have Google Apps setup for my domain. ie: I'd like to keep Google Apps for my email accounts, but I'd like to use my webhosts email for say Is this possible? Thanks in advance!
  6. P c# - Sending email with french characters in ToAddress

    My requirement is :- i need to send a email which contains "To Address" in french characters. for eg : é I am getting the following error message: "The client or server is only configured for E-mail addresses with ASCII local-parts: é" After googling for a...
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    how do I find my maid id by my username?

    I need to access to an old yahoo account. The only thing I could recollect is username. I cannot recollect recovery mail accounts either and don't know the passwords. What do I do ? Can a hack er do this for me ?