How do I recover my Bulk Mail folder?


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I've just started using AOL and I tried to set up a Spam/Junk folder. For some reason best know to AOL, it calls this folder Bulk Mail. Having set it up, I discovered there was mail in it that shouldn't have been junk.

Then, through my desktop email client - I use Mozilla Thunderbird - I renamed the folder "Spam". That was a mistake...the emails in it - all of which had been wrongly assigned as spam - disappeared. I renamed it back again as Bulk Mail but it was too late. They were gone.

How do I get them back and how to I set up a spam folder on my desktop and in webmail where all emails that might be spam can go?

As usual, AOL have been completely useless. Can anyone guide me step-by-step on how to set this up?
thank you.


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Just try these steps:

Login through webmail and check if you can access the same folder which you renamed.
There might be a chance that there was a pre- existing junk folder which merged both the folder.
Was it a POP3 configuration or IMAP?