1. E

    How to avoid being listed in spam lists while sending marketing campaigns?

    Our current issue is that our mail campaign system is being marked as spam. Timeline of events : • Event 1 : IP marked as spam sender, by a blocklist. This results in not only our marketing campaigns, but regular client communications as well, either being outright rejected, or being...
  2. TGregO

    All spam now showing up in inbox :-(

    Hello, Is anyone else finding that starting a few weeks ago all potential spam emails are going to the inbox instead of the spam folder? It's good that those messages now get a "SPAM" button in the body of the email to make them easier to send to the spam folder, but that means twice as many...
  3. H

    Non ascii characters in spam email addresses

    I am receiving lots of spam emails which are bypassing the Hotmail filters and I suspect this is happening because the senders address includes a balloon character, which is apparently non-ascii I cannot write a Hotmail / Outlook rule to include this character. Can Microsoft do that so that I...
  4. S

    Incoming spam emails using names of my email buddies

    Hi - this is my first post, apologies if my query is already covered in a previous thread. I have been with Hotmail for almost 20 years, I use the web interface ( rather than an email app like Outlook etc... Having been "hacked" some years ago and had someone use my email to send...
  5. L

    Spam issues

    Hello! We are currently having issues with our account, where emails sent from whitelisted addresses are going directly into spam, and we are unable to access them. We have tried contacting, but they aren't responding. Is there a way to access the spam emails so we can still...
  6. emai10mi

    How To Create Disposable Email Address In Yahoo!

    How To Create Disposable Email Address In Yahoo!? I want to avoid spam :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer:
  7. R

    How do I recover my Bulk Mail folder?

    I've just started using AOL and I tried to set up a Spam/Junk folder. For some reason best know to AOL, it calls this folder Bulk Mail. Having set it up, I discovered there was mail in it that shouldn't have been junk. Then, through my desktop email client - I use Mozilla Thunderbird - I...
  8. M

    Randomized Spam emails

    So for the past year or so, I have been getting these same emails about a church camp. The sending address is always vastly different, using a different account and domain, so I haven't found a way to block it. Any suggestions? Attached are just 2 of the emails i've gotten. They are always...
  9. ychaouche

    Amavis doesn't mark messages as spam

    Hello EQ community, I received an email for raybans, which was 300% spam (14.0 score, threshold set at 5.0), and it didn't get marked by amavis. Here's how amavis is configured : root@messagerie[] /etc/amavis/conf.d # removeblanks 50-user use strict; $myhostname =...
  10. A

    Spam email

    i received a message in my hotmail from a person saying they got my email from a site I signed up for to make money. I did not sign up for something like this. I am just wondering if this is just spam and the person is just saying that, or if someone actually is using my email address for things...
  11. joekad

    please help

    Hi, me and my family create accounts tutanota the same day, the accounts were created on the same PC, unfortunately I forgot the password for my email, so I decided to return to me to create another email, but now tells me I can not use the mail because I created spam but I do not send spam, or...