Yahoo account termination question


New Email
Hey everyone, so I decided to delete some old Yahoo email accounts I don't use anymore, for my own privacy and security. What I'm wondering is, if anyone knows, when the 30 day deactivation period (in the USA) passes and the Yahoo accounts are permanently deleted, along with the email accounts they contain, will the deletion include all related data and information associated with the Yahoo email accounts including:

* Associated phone number
* Any and all public IPs ever to have been associated with the Yahoo and Yahoo email accounts
* Any and all records of past account activities, including all communications, ip traffic patterns etc.

I'm concerned that absolutely nothing is left behind for anyone to find by any means legal or otherwise, ie hackers, data travelers and resellers and any other kinds of snoops. Can anyone with in depth knowledge of the finer points and details of this subject please comment and share what you know?