1. SteveHMn

    Yahoo account termination question

    Hey everyone, so I decided to delete some old Yahoo email accounts I don't use anymore, for my own privacy and security. What I'm wondering is, if anyone knows, when the 30 day deactivation period (in the USA) passes and the Yahoo accounts are permanently deleted, along with the email accounts...
  2. H

    How to access my yahoo mail if the mobile number is out of access?

    I have a yahoo mail account. I know the email-address and also the password. For security reasons yahoo wants me to enter the verification code it sends to my mobile number. Unfortunately I could not access that mobile number again and yahoo does not allow me to sign-in to my email inbox. How...
  3. B

    How to change print size in Yahoo

    I spent hours trying to fix this. Suddenly, all of the e-mails in Yahoo that I wanted to print were so tiny that I couldn't read them. None of the help online does a thing. I finally paid $5 for help from Yahoo and after a lot of annoying answers from Yahoo that didn't fix a thing, the help...
  4. emai10mi

    How To Create Disposable Email Address In Yahoo!

    How To Create Disposable Email Address In Yahoo!? I want to avoid spam :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer:
  5. S

    Conversation view / Yahoo Help Community?

    My main problem is that, although I have turned off conversation view, new Yahoo mail is still grouping my emails by conversation. I am using Chrome, Windows 10. And that brings me to my second question: what happened to the Yahoo Help Community? There is no mention of it anywhere online, not...
  6. ychaouche

    Emails to yahoo,live, gmail etc. rejected

    Dear EQ, I am running an e-mail server for a specific domain and one of our mailboxes got probably hacked. The mailbox was used to send 7000+ e-mails in bulk, resulting in what seems to be a ban from major email service providers like yahoo, live, gmail, outlook etc. The IP address of my...
  7. C

    Yahoo email: how make reply to reply to email from disposable email address default to disposable

    If I send an email to someone using a yahoo email 'disposable' (alias) address, and they reply, and I reply to their reply, I'd like to have my 'from' address in my reply default to the original disposable address in the thread, rather than accidentally have my real address put into my reply to...
  8. C

    Live Mail 'From' address list not showing Yahoo email addresses - but shows all others.

    None of the Yahoo email addresses that are in Live Mail POP/SMTP settings are showing on the From address list. All are correctly set up. Via Windows Live Mail, I can receive email from all of my Yahoo addresses, and I can also do Reply and Send with any Yahoo emails I have received. But none...
  9. A

    how do I find my maid id by my username?

    I need to access to an old yahoo account. The only thing I could recollect is username. I cannot recollect recovery mail accounts either and don't know the passwords. What do I do ? Can a hack er do this for me ?
  10. M

    Email deliverability questions

    Hello, i got a few questions and would like to have more info on them. any info will be appreciated. 1. How to validate yahoo emails without 3d party services? 2. Does Yahoo use real-time or long-term reputation? How to impact on it? 3. How to impact POP3 and IMAP user reaction on IP and...
  11. T

    Setting up a yahoo account PLEASE HELP!!!

    I started a new job today which requires me to use Yahoo mail to confirm my working hours but it will NOT let me make an account without a cell phone. I need the account ASAP. I don't have a cell phone I NEED THIS ACCOUNT. I cannot contact my NEW BOSS without it PLEASE HELP
  12. J

    Yahoo really makes things difficult! Any answers??

    I have had my yahoo email for a while now. I forgot the password to it forever ago, but I didn't need to worry because I was always signed into my email on my phone. Well.. my phone just broke so I tried to do the "I forgot my password" thing, but the only option it gives me is to send a...
  13. B

    What is the Yahoo Customer Care Phone Number Technical Support UK ?

    someone hacked my email. i need help with my Yahoo email, my Yahoo is being compromised. someone is sending out emails from my Yahoo, i cant even reset the password online. password can't be reset online is the message that i am getting on my screen. i saw a lot of numbers on the internet who...