What is the Yahoo Customer Care Phone Number Technical Support UK ?


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someone hacked my email.
i need help with my Yahoo email, my Yahoo is being compromised. someone is sending out emails from my Yahoo, i cant even reset the password online. password can't be reset online is the message that i am getting on my screen. i saw a lot of numbers on the internet who are pretending to be Yahoo, so i want to confirm. is This Genuine UK Yahoo Phone Number ?
my frnd suggested me this website. i hope you folks will help. my yahoo email id is "{removed for privacy}"
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and also i dont have the access to my alternative email id and the phone number there which is linked, i dont have the access to that cell anymore.


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Hi Bryan,

I cleaned up the language in your post and removed your email address from it to prevent it from getting extra spam.

The options for recovering a Yahoo account are described here - Yahoo - How to recover a lost password / How to regain control of a hacked account

The official Yahoo help site lists this phone number for the U.K. - {removed - requested by Yahoo}

There might be an option to get transferred from there for help in the UK. There is generally limited support for free email accounts.
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