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  1. SteveHMn

    Yahoo account termination question

    Hey everyone, so I decided to delete some old Yahoo email accounts I don't use anymore, for my own privacy and security. What I'm wondering is, if anyone knows, when the 30 day deactivation period (in the USA) passes and the Yahoo accounts are permanently deleted, along with the email accounts...
  2. H

    How to access my yahoo mail if the mobile number is out of access?

    I have a yahoo mail account. I know the email-address and also the password. For security reasons yahoo wants me to enter the verification code it sends to my mobile number. Unfortunately I could not access that mobile number again and yahoo does not allow me to sign-in to my email inbox. How...
  3. E

    Email Not sending to Yahoo mail from go daddy website

    Hi I have a website called, which is hosted by Go Daddy. My client has an email account with Yahoo. They need a PDF attached to the orders, their customers make in the store powered by WooCommerce. I'm using a plugin called 'WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips'. When I...
  4. C

    Yahoo mail sends new mail to drafts folder

    Yahoo mail has started to send new email composed on my iPad to the draftsdfol;der and often will not send it from there when I discover it there.
  5. C

    Force Yahoo app to ask for my password.

    The first time I accessed my email with the Yahoo app for Android, I was asked to enter my Yahoo ID and password. Since then, the app takes me directly to my Inbox. For security, in case I lose my phone, I want the app to ask for my password every time. Does anyone know how I can force it to ask?
  6. W

    Yahoo eMail Font Size Becomes Very Large

    Printing an email has been working fine for years but lately the font size prints about 3 sizes larger than it normally had. I'm having a similar problem in libreWrite except the characters on the screen are becoming large yet the application says their size is still the same. I'm not looking...
  7. J

    Yahoo really makes things difficult! Any answers??

    I have had my yahoo email for a while now. I forgot the password to it forever ago, but I didn't need to worry because I was always signed into my email on my phone. Well.. my phone just broke so I tried to do the "I forgot my password" thing, but the only option it gives me is to send a...
  8. B

    What is the Yahoo Customer Care Phone Number Technical Support UK ?

    someone hacked my email. i need help with my Yahoo email, my Yahoo is being compromised. someone is sending out emails from my Yahoo, i cant even reset the password online. password can't be reset online is the message that i am getting on my screen. i saw a lot of numbers on the internet who...