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    Email Not sending to Yahoo mail from go daddy website

    Hi I have a website called, which is hosted by Go Daddy. My client has an email account with Yahoo. They need a PDF attached to the orders, their customers make in the store powered by WooCommerce. I'm using a plugin called 'WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips'. When I...
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    Yahoo mail sends new mail to drafts folder

    Yahoo mail has started to send new email composed on my iPad to the draftsdfol;der and often will not send it from there when I discover it there.
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    Force Yahoo app to ask for my password.

    The first time I accessed my email with the Yahoo app for Android, I was asked to enter my Yahoo ID and password. Since then, the app takes me directly to my Inbox. For security, in case I lose my phone, I want the app to ask for my password every time. Does anyone know how I can force it to ask?
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    Yahoo eMail Font Size Becomes Very Large

    Printing an email has been working fine for years but lately the font size prints about 3 sizes larger than it normally had. I'm having a similar problem in libreWrite except the characters on the screen are becoming large yet the application says their size is still the same. I'm not looking...
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    Yahoo really makes things difficult! Any answers??

    I have had my yahoo email for a while now. I forgot the password to it forever ago, but I didn't need to worry because I was always signed into my email on my phone. Well.. my phone just broke so I tried to do the "I forgot my password" thing, but the only option it gives me is to send a...
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    What is the Yahoo Customer Care Phone Number Technical Support UK ?

    someone hacked my email. i need help with my Yahoo email, my Yahoo is being compromised. someone is sending out emails from my Yahoo, i cant even reset the password online. password can't be reset online is the message that i am getting on my screen. i saw a lot of numbers on the internet who...