"Yahoo! Account Security has identified a possible risk to your account"


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When trying to log into Yahoo, I get the message listed in the subject line and I'm invited to enter my old password and choose a new password.

Searching the internet for the message listed (Subject), I see conflicting advice regarding whether it is legitimate or phishing.

Does anyone know of an authoritative announcement by Yahoo regarding this message?



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I can not find that exact phrasing listed in Yahoo Help.

I am aware of this page that lists:

"We believe your account has been compromised. A simple password change will help protect your account."

I think the safest action for you is to:

  • Cleanup steps include:
    • verify you are the owner any alternate/forwarding email addresses
    • verify your security security questions and answers
    • verify your account profile information is correct
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Unfortunately, I have run into a difficulty in following your instructions.

Starting at the screen that says:

Yahoo! Account Security has identified a possible risk to your account.

We recommend that you change your password as soon as possible. Some Yahoo! services, such as Yahoo! Messenger, may not work until you change your password.
If you choose not to change your password at this time, please note that you are leaving your account and information at risk.
Continue on to Yahoo!

Current Password

New Password

Password Strength

Re-type New Password"

I click to continue, then log into Yahoo, but it immediately logs me out and presents the "Yahoo! Account Security has identified a possible risk to your account" screen again.

So, I have no opportunity to configure full session SSL.


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Skip down to the spyware/malware scan with Malwarebytes bytes step and then go back later to the password change, SSL, and 2-step verification steps when we feel safer about your computer not having an infection.


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I've run a scan with Malwarebytes and two other scanners with problems reported, although I did not run the scanner with the browser shut down. I'll do that tonight.


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Sounds good. Also, if a different scanner finds a related problem that Malwarebytes didn't detect please share the specifics.



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Hello Popowich, this happened with my account and I changed password then forgot password and tried to get new one but needed to know security question which I dont and I kept entering it wrong so my account is blocked. I tried phoning yahoo but after 20 mins still on hold and cant afford to keep on hold, can you or anyone else advise me of what to do? thanks :)