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Hi I've googled this subject to death and found nothing. So my last option is to ask for help.

I have Roundcube running on my Godaddy server with a MySQL database.
Roundcube successfully connects to my Godaddy email accounts using IMAP.

Now all I need is to get the password plugin to work that Roundcube comes with. Will the plugin work on godaddy server? If so which of the following would work:

2.1. Database (sql)
2.2. Cyrus/SASL (sasl)
2.3. Poppassd/Courierpassd (poppassd)
2.4. LDAP (ldap)
2.5. DirectAdmin Control Panel (directadmin)
2.6. cPanel (cpanel)
2.7. XIMSS/Communigate (ximms)
2.8. Virtualmin (virtualmin)
2.9. hMailServer (hmail)
2.10. PAM (pam)
2.11. Chpasswd (chpasswd)
2.12. LDAP - no PEAR (ldap_simple)
2.13. XMail (xmail)

Reason I ask is so my current web clients change their password through roundcube and not godaddy. Also I've been wanting to ask the roundcube community but they seem to not confirm my registration.:(

Any help I would much appreciate it.


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I'm not familiar with RoundCube but it sounds like you want this option :

2.1. Database (sql)

And then you'd want to configure that to work with your MySQL database.


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That's what I was thinking too, however I can't seem to understand how my email is tied up to a database.

If anyone whos stumbles with this thread has managed to accomplish it. Please post a reply. Thank you


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I'm reconsidering my original answer. It sounds like you can already connect to your accounts. Are you using your own webmail to read/send emails through Godaddy hosted email accounts or accounts on your server? Roundcube might want to use MySQL for storing some preferences and session data, but let me get this straight :

  • You have email accounts hosted by Godaddy
  • You have a server with Godaddy
  • Within that hosting you installed Roundcube
  • What does the password plugin do?


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Correct, everything is on godaddy.
The plugin enables the user using roundcube to change their password from their webmail.
Here's part of the instructions it comes with:

*1. Configuration
*2. Drivers
*2.1. *Database (sql)
*2.2. *Cyrus/SASL (sasl)
*2.3. *Poppassd/Courierpassd (poppassd)
*2.4. *LDAP (ldap)
*2.5. *DirectAdmin Control Panel (directadmin)
*2.6. *cPanel (cpanel)
*2.7. *XIMSS/Communigate (ximms)
*2.8. *Virtualmin (virtualmin)
*2.9. *hMailServer (hmail)
*2.10. PAM (pam)
*2.11. Chpasswd (chpasswd)
*2.12. LDAP - no PEAR (ldap_simple)
*2.13. XMail (xmail)
*3. Driver API

*1. Configuration

*Copy to and set the options as described
*within the file.

*2. Drivers

*Password plugin supports many password change mechanisms which are
*handled by included drivers. Just pass driver name in 'password_driver' option.

*2.1. Database (sql)

*You can specify which database to connect by 'password_db_dsn' option and
*what SQL query to execute by 'password_query'. See file for
*more info.

*Example implementations of an update_passwd function:

*- This is for use with LMS (LMS - LAN Management System) database and postgres:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION update_passwd(hash text, account text) RETURNS integer AS $$
* * * *res integer;
* * * *UPDATE passwd SET password = hash
* *WHERE login = split_part(account, '@', 1)
AND domainid = (SELECT id FROM domains WHERE name = split_part(account, '@', 2))
* *RETURN res;

*- This is for use with a SELECT update_passwd(%o,%c,%u) query
Updates the password only when the old password matches the MD5 password
in the database

CREATE FUNCTION update_password (oldpass text, cryptpass text, user text) RETURNS text
* *DECLARE currentsalt varchar(20);
* *DECLARE error text;
* *SET error = 'incorrect current password';
* *SELECT substring_index(substr(user.password,4),_latin1'$',1) INTO currentsalt FROM users WHERE username=user;
* *SELECT '' INTO error FROM users WHERE username=user AND password=ENCRYPT(oldpass,currentsalt);
* *UPDATE users SET password=cryptpass WHERE username=user AND password=ENCRYPT(oldpass,currentsalt);
* *RETURN error;

*Example SQL UPDATEs:

*- Plain text passwords:
* * UPDATE users SET password=%p WHERE username=%u AND password=%o AND domain=%h LIMIT 1

*- Crypt text passwords:
* * UPDATE users SET password=%c WHERE username=%u LIMIT 1

*- Use a MYSQL crypt function (*nix only) with random 8 character salt
* * UPDATE users SET password=ENCRYPT(%p,concat(_utf8'$1$',right(md5(rand()),8),_utf8'$')) WHERE username=%u LIMIT 1

*- MD5 stored passwords:
* * UPDATE users SET password=MD5(%p) WHERE username=%u AND password=MD5(%o) LIMIT 1

*2.2. Cyrus/SASL (sasl)
More drivers....


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Reason I ask is so my current web clients change their password through roundcube and not godaddy. Also I've been wanting to ask the roundcube community but they seem to not confirm my registration.:
You can read and/or search the forum without registration.