Problems sending from my email account (GoDaddy hosted) to hotmail/

I am having issues sending to outlook accounts from my email. This is hosted by GoDaddy which may be causing the issue? This is only an issue sending to Microsoft Accounts (,,, etc.). I am able to send to yahoo, google, etc. perfectly fine.

The emails aren't going through to Junk mail or the inbox, they are just disappearing on the way. I have tried sending emails to my personal hotmail account as well as several of our clients hotmail addresses and none went through.

I have tried to run the sender score on the servers IP which I found in the hosting section but it said there was insufficient data to produce a sender score. I have emailed "Unlock the inbox" which I can email to you if you would like? I have emailed Microsoft and they said they can't find any reason the emails wouldn't go through. Are you able to help?


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Hi Ben,

You'll need Godaddy to track down the missing emails, or use a different relay if they're disappearing and Godaddy can't support.

Microsoft shouldn't be involved until you have mail logs showing that they're accepting and the email is disappearing.

Are you sending using the Godaddy SMTP relays using a mail client on your computer, or is this a web server hosted at Godaddy that's sending out email?

Your SPF record seems good to me "v=spf1 a mx ptr ~all"

I'd start with tracing the email from start to finish. If this is a web server, what do the mail logs on that server say for the missing emails?


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Mr. Sharp.

Can you PM me the email addressed you used to test with, I can look up the results for you. Did you use the free version or the pro version?
To send the emails I am using a email client, Microsoft Outlook on my desktop and Mac, and from my Iphone with the mail client on there.

I went into CPanel Hosting where my email are set up, and then to Track Delivery, and put in my personal email (hotmail address) and ran a report on that which is attached. Also tried running the search on other hotmail address I have sent to recently with the same result.

Unlock the inbox the email address I used was from I couldn't figure out how to PM you so just put it in here.


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This one was easy to solve, I'm sure you got the full report.

If you take a look here, you will see that your DKIM Signature is failing. SmarterMail DKIM Validation just ignores it, but Limilabs and SpamAssassin Fails it.


In your email headers you can see that your signature is found. The next question is why is it failing?


The Selector s=default is where your Public DKIM lives in DNS, this tells the receiving mail server to find your public key to decrypt your DKIM Signature.

When you query for that key, no results are found as you can see here: Your DKIM Public KEY

The report queries it for you and you can see that it says "Not Found", since it's not found, this is why Limilabs and SpamAssassin fails it.

Another thing to note, when connecting to your mail server on secure ports, it tosses SSL Errors, in this case your "" does not match the the SSL certificate of Godaddy. This shouldn't affect delivery, but some secure mail servers might not accept or send mail to your servers, because it doesn't know if it can be trusted.

Other then that, since your company is "Finance" related, you should set up DMARC (but first you should get your DKIM working)


I help this helps and if anyone else wants to learn about all the different tests we perform visit: Unlock The Inbox Email Configuration and Authentication Testing
I have done what I thought I needed to do based on your instructions and ran the mailtest search again. It is still coming up with s=default instead of s=secure. How do I get it to go to that? I have uploaded screenshots to explain a bit better. In the second screenshot you can see where I added secure._domainkey and _domainkey as per the guidelines. Is this correct? I then did a search on the DNS Lookup for the and it came up with the correct stuff, as per the 3rd attachment. I think I also fixed the SSL certificate problem as well, as there wasn't one set up to begin with.

Once this is sorted I will work on getting DMARC set up as suggested.

On a side note would switching to Office365 be a better option than trying to fix this?


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If you're using Goddady, Shared Hosting...

Do your cPanel shared hosting accounts support email authentication? | Linux Hosting (cPanel) - GoDaddy Help

You will never be able to set up DKIM, see below.

If you would like to use SPF records, you can create them through our Domain Manager (more info).

We do not offer a feature for using DKIM email authentication.

However, if you don't used their share hosting, then you can enable it in cPanel.

What email server are you using to send email?
I am using GoDaddy's hosting service, assuming its the Shared CPanel Hosting that you are describing above. So do I need to set up SPF Records or is there no way to fix this problem?

Should I change email servers?


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I'm not an expert in GoDaddy Shared Hosting Email, but it sounds like if you want to get DKIM set up correctly, you'll need to change email providers or switch hosting plans.


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I think Office 365 started rolling out outbound DKIM in Oct 2015. I'm not sure if they completed the rollout to all accounts. They processed inbound DKIM for years.

Only you can determine what's the best approach is for what you do. For me, I run my own mail server, it's free. But I have to have a private VPS to do so.

Tom L

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Hi there Benjamin. I had the exact same problem this month and found a fix; albeit a fairly rudimentary fix. I used GoDaddy for domain registration and hosting, and set up various email accounts for my domain in cPanel (ie not using GoDaddy's workspace email service). None of my emails were being received at, hotmail, or live addresses, and I didn't get any Delivery Failure notifications; every other email system received them fine including gmail and mail2world based addresses, and every other domain I tried to contact. (I was using Thunderbird as my client). My hosting account was held at GoDaddy's US data centre in Scottsdale, Arizona, with a US IP address, whereas I am based in the UK. I have no expert knowledge whatsoever in email / SMTP / DKIM or what-have-you so I thought what the hell, I'll transfer to their European data centre and see if that works - it makes sense anyway because I am based in Europe. You can choose between US, Europe, and Asia data centres - the first transfer is free and subsequent transfers are priced at 15.00GBP (approx. 19AUD or USD). The transfer (impressively) took about 10 minutes for a smallish website of less than 20 pages, 1 SQL database of approx. 0.5GB, and about 500 emails. Once complete, I changed the incoming and outgoing server settings for my IMAP email to GoDaddy's European server (the details are stated in the cpanel account), and for reasons I don't understand and can't explain, my emails are now received successfully by all.

I am not going to recommend any action to you because I don't have sufficient knowledge to do so, but it might be worth checking if your hosting account is held at their Asian data centre (which I'm guessing is closest to your location) or at their US one.
Good luck mate.

... maybe one of the forum poindexters could explain why or how this fix worked ... : )

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Hi Tom,

The Microsoft mail servers ( / Hotmail / Live etc) do a lot of checks on incoming email as it's received. By changing which email servers you're sending with, your affecting your ability to send and get received. While your domain name and email content might not have changed, the sending IP would have changed, and that reputation of that outgoing IP address usually plays a role in getting accepted by large email services such as

To see for yourself, do you have the full email headers from an email sent before the migration, and from an email sent after the migration?

If you check your outgoing Godaddy IP's with Return Path's Sender Score you'll see what I mean about them each having their own reputation score.

It's possible the EU servers have better emails coming form them and that they're not as spammy (if that's an issue) as the U.S. based mail servers.


Tom L

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Hi there popowich / poindexter (lol)

Thank you for your response and suggestions - I will find those headers from either side of the migration and report back.
Not wanting to hijack Benjamin's thread completely, do you think this might be a possible fix to his problem?

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It's OK, the more chat the better :)

With everything else equal, under normal conditions I recommend that the best way to have the most control over your deliverability is to have your own dedicated IP address.

I've been recommending LuxSci for years and have never heard back a complaint about their service or support.

For small sending needs, their shared relays are typically OK too and not spammy like some larger companies that specialize in something else like DNS that also happen to have an email offering.

Tom L

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Hi popowich, you were right about the repuation score: the US IP had a sender score of 41, the European one was 83. I guess that made all the difference.


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Hi Popowich

Just to shed a little more light on this re: GoDaddy solutions.

We had exactly problems with GoDaddy hosting and no emails going through to hotmail, outlook, MSN emails etc. despite having a senderscore of 99 and SPF set-up.

I called GoDaddy on 8 April to complain about this for a second time (I called a week before but they weren't helpful).

This time a different Customer Service gent confirmed in about 5 seconds that they knew exactly about the problems with shared hosting and emails via their relay servers being blocked by Microsoft.

We wanted to stay on the GoDaddy cloud hosting because that's been reliable for us (a small business) and we all know it's a pain to move.

I was told it was easiest to leave the hosting alone and upgrade our email to their "Unlimited Business Email" package for about £80 / year.

That was an acceptable cost for us and GoDaddy did most of the setting up / switchover in about 2 hours.

Our email to hotmail, outlook, MSN emails have been fine since the upgrade (10 days).

So not ideal to have the extra cost but a relief to have a reliable emails after many weeks of messing around.

Hope this helps some of your users.


Get a few $/£s off by calling their customer service first, after the call you will get a "Thanks for calling us" email with a coupon. Then call them back to upgrade and use the new coupon.

Next Time...

Moving the hosting to their European hosting as suggested above might be a cheaper and quicker solution. Not tried it. If was doing this again, I'd try that first and then the "Unlimited Business Email" option.