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I have to say, first, that trying to get assistance from Yahoo is horrible.

We are having problems RECEIVING mail FROM YAHOO addresses. They send mail to us and it is not delivered. Our spam filter never shows the message ever reached it, yet the Yahoo accounts from which the mail is sent get no bouncebacks at all.

The mail effectively disappears.

Is there any way to get feedback from Yahoo administrators on what message is coming back? We need that information to figure out why delivery is failing.


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What is your domain name?

Is it having trouble receiving mail from any other mail services?

The logging on your end does not show any activity from Yahoo mail server IP addresses?

The spam folder of the sending account doesn't have any bounce messages in it?


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Thanks for asking.

The domain to which mail is going is

We are aware of issues when email is sent from Yahoo or AOL. (Likely the same issue, since those two services appear to have the same back end.)

To our knowledge, no other organizations are having this issue.

Prodtoolcorp uses a Barracuda spam filter solution. The message log in the Barracuda shows NO emails from Yahoo, at all. Any emails that get processed by the filter appear, whether discarded as spam, quarantined, marked [BULK], blocked, delivered, or whatever. The Yahoo and AOL emails never appear in the list. The really, really weird part is that when there is a rejection email, which does not come back to Yahoo senders, it comes from Barracuda Networks saying 'domain not found', when we can email that domain successfully all day long.

How the exact same spam filter can consistently tell one sender a domain isn't found, yet let another deliver makes no sense to me. I will be talking to Barracuda, but had wanted to hear from Yahoo what message resulted from trying to send, but there is nowhere I can find where that information can be had.

Yahoo 'support' is a bad joke. And that was in no way a criticism of you.

As to Yahoo mail server IP addresses, I have not tried extracting every IP address from the server logs and compared each of them to the dozens and dozens of IP addresses listed at the page to which your link connects.


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You have a variety of MX records:

;; ANSWER SECTION: 7200 IN MX 10 7200 IN MX 20 7200 IN MX 20 7200 IN MX 10

Can you remove the MX 20's to rule out the missing email from going there?

Have you already checked those for the missing emails?

Once you are only using the barracuda MX records you should be able to find the emails in your quarantine.

Did you add any RBL's to your spam filtering configuration that might be blocking the mail from Yahoo before it has a chance to get accepted and make it to at least the spam quarantine level of filtering?


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Thanks for the feedback.

All 4 MX records are required. Two go to Barracuda Networks corporate spam filters, which hand off to ours, and 2 go directly to ours. The cloud-based ones are there in case our Internet goes down, or power goes out or whatever.

We have figured out what was happening and it was not Yahoo's issue (though their support policies still suck bilge water).

The domain 'registration' was lost at Barracuda corporate, so any mail server hitting those MX records got denied, but any hitting our MXs got through.
The domain was re-registered with Barracuda corporate and everything is flowing as it should, now. We even expect Yahoo mails to get through!

Thanks, again.