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I could swear I've mentioned this before but I'm not sure if I did..It's still worth mentioning for mailing list administrators

I'm a member of MyYearbook a social networking site. All their email notices come with "Mark as spam" in big bold letters on the top and bottom of the mail. It's not really your email client's mark as spam though it just automatically removes your from their mailing lists.

Even though it's a bit misleading ie social engineering at work I think it's a great idea as a way to keep your mailing lists off spam lists. If they 'mark' a message as spam by clicking that link you know they don't want your mailings any more and can remove them from that list without risking them actually marking it as spam.

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That's a great idea. It goes well with my recent mailing list unsubscribe thoughts. I have feedback loops enabled for AOL, Road Runner, and a few other ISP's. In my case I do see when a member of a mailing list or forum reports an e-mail as spam instead of fixing their settings. I use the feedback to manually go into their account and delete their subscriptions, turn off auto subscribe to threads, etc. It never occurred to me to try and fake lazy people out with my own "report as spam" link that really just lets me know to unsubscribe them. Genius! :D