Report spam text messages to Verizon


Customer Service
I was getting a TON of spam text messages for awhile on my cell phone and it was driving me CRAZY! You can block numbers if you have Verizon but you are only allowed to block up to 10 different numbers. It really isn't very helpful when the spam is coming from several different numbers anyway.

I discovered on their site that you can report it. If they get reports, they will hopefully do something about it. Follow the steps here to report a text as spam:

What should I do if I receive a spam text message?

Spam is considered an unsolicited commercial advertisement or any message that links to a virus or malicious software. Do not respond to the phone number or open any links in the message. Doing so could potentially compromise your personal information and/or your mobile device.
If the message is still on your device, follow the steps below to report the unwanted message:

  1. Be careful not to open any links and forward the suspected spam text message to short code 7726 (SPAM).
  2. Once received, we’ll send you a text message asking for the “From” address.
  3. Reply to us with the “From” address of the unwanted message listed in the body of your text message.
  4. A free text message with a “Thank you” notification will be sent to you to verify receipt.
  5. The investigation will begin.
You’ve successfully reported an unwanted text message.

  • You won’t receive any further updates once you’ve received the final “Thank You” text message.
There are no charges for messages sent to or received from 7726.

(You should save the number 7726 as a contact in your phone so you don't risk forgetting what the number is to report it when you get one- I put it under "spam reporting" in my phone)